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Russia’s automotive time machine


A boxy Soviet-era car brand, the “Moskvitch,” could be making a comeback in Russia, said Andrew Roth in The Guardian. The Moscow city government said this week it planned to nationaliz­e a factory belonging to the French carmaker Renault following its exit from the country. The plant will be repurposed to produce the Moskvitch, a passenger car brand last made two decades ago.The developmen­t was “met with ridicule by Russians with long memories.” The Moskvitch was one of the Soviet Union’s most popular car brands—but like a lot of cars coming out of the Communist bloc, it was not known for quality. For Russians who have glumly watched the country’s return to Soviet-era isolation, “the revival of the Moskvitch was the perfect punch line. ”The Ukraine war has given Russia “a time machine,” one joke goes. Unfortunat­ely, it can “only move the country back to the Soviet Union.”

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