Let Free­dom Ring!

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As we ap­proach Pearl Har­bor Day, free­dom be­comes a lively topic. “Let Free­dom Ring!” Pro­claim free­dom through­out the land!

Peo­ple in most earthly lands de­sire free­dom from their tyrants, their landown­ers, king’s law and ruth­less gen­er­als. The U.S. armed force have been la­bor­ing to de­feat tyran­ni­cal gov­ern­ments and to es­tab­lish “democ­racy” as sup­posed free­dom and, more of­ten than not, in fail­ure. In spite of well-mean­ing in­ten­tions, the ex­pen­sive en­deav­ors are more blindly than wisely op­er­ated.

Free­dom is not some­thing that can be pur­chased with cash or ac­com­plished and re­tained by hu­man en­deav­ors. Ben­jamin Franklin of Philadel­phia fame was asked, “What kind of govern­ment have you given us?” to which he an­swered, “A repub­lic, if you can keep it!” His an­swer sug­gests some­thing spe­cial be­hind the real con­cept of free­dom. Our found­ing fa­thers men­tioned God and Cre­ator of­ten in their con­ver­sa­tion and prayers but rarely did they speak specif­i­cally about Je­sus, Sav­ior, Fa­ther or Spirit. This sug­gests a faith in God in many of the na­tion’s fa­thers and com­mon peo­ple, still lim­ited in their un­der­stand­ing of the full­ness of the Holy Scrip­ture. Proverbs 29:18 reads, “Where there is no rev­e­la­tion, the peo­ple cast off re­straint” or “Where there is no di­vine rev­e­la­tion, the peo­ple run wild.”

So what is the source of free­dom? A sec­tion in He­brews 2 reads, “Since the chil­dren have flesh and blood, He too shared in their hu­man­ity so that by His death He might de­stroy him who holds the power of death, the devil, and free (lib­er­ate) those who all their lives were held in slav­ery by their fear of death.” Gala­tians 5:1 also reads, “It is for free­dom that Christ has set us free (lib­er­ated).” We need to no­tice here that God’s lib­er­a­tion is for ex­pec­ta­tions, or ac­tu­ally moves the re­cip­i­ents of free­dom to thank­ful liv­ing and ser­vice.

“A good tree bears good fruit,” Matthew 7:7. “Live as free men but do not use your free­dom as a cover-up for evil, live as ser­vants of God,” 1 Peter 2:16. It can’t be more clear, free­dom moves peo­ple to serve God and their neigh­bors and to be ex­cited en­trepreneurs in all of their en­deav­ors. Rev. Robert Miski­men Bella Vista

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