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Po­lar Bears v. Cli­mate Change

Ac­cord­ing to Sci­ence mag­a­zine, po­lar bears burn up to 12,300 calo­ries per day, mainly on a diet of seals. How do they “hunt” those seals? The bears wait for hours by seals’ cone-shaped breath­ing holes in the sea ice. When a seal sur­faces to breathe, the bear stands on its hind legs and smacks the seal on the head with both of its front paws to stun it. Then the bear bites it on the neck and drags it onto the ice. They’re far more suc­cess­ful do­ing this than any other method of hunting. The key is ice. The bears need the ice to be able to hunt, to eat, to live. Na­tional

Ge­o­graphic says sea ice is shrink­ing 14 per­cent per decade.

De­nis Dean, 15-year Ar­kan­sas and Florida Mas­ter Nat­u­ral­ist, will speak on the plight of th­ese ma­jes­tic car­ni­vores. Ac­cord­ing to Dean, “This pro­gram is about the ef­fect the melt­ing ice is hav­ing on po­lar bears and the loss of their habi­tat, which may cause the en­tire pop­u­la­tion to re­vert back to where they orig­i­nated — as brown bears. This pro­gram is shed­uled at 2 p.m. Sun­day, June 3, at the park Vis­i­tor Cen­ter and there is no cost to at­tend.

The Hobbs State Park Con­ser­va­tion Area Vis­i­tor Cen­ter con­tact phone num­ber is 479-789-5006, and is lo­cated on Ar­kan­sas High­way 12 just east of the War Ea­gle Road in­ter­sec­tion.

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