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Resolve to improve your hearing in 2023: take a test drive!


You’ve finally decided to do something about your hearing loss, but where do you begin? If you have had your hearing tested and been told that you are a candidate for hearing aids, there is a good chance that a specific hearing aid was recommende­d. But how do you know this was the correct recommenda­tion? As you wore the devices, you may have realized that you were still having difficulty hearing in certain situations like restaurant­s, social gatherings and watching TV.

Blue Wave Hearing developed the HEARING AID TEST DRIVE™ to prevent that very situation. Blue Wave’s Shelli Carson, a clinical audiologis­t, says “Even with extensive training and experience, plus access to cutting-edge technology, I still don’t know what hearing aid is best for your individual needs, until we go through our unique Hearing

Aid Test Drive™ process.”

Shelli says it can be difficult to judge how a hearing aid performs in the real world when you are only allowed to evaluate it in a quiet office environmen­t. Putting your hearing aids to work in environmen­ts where you struggle to hear is a better way to determine which technology is best for you. At Blue Wave Hearing Centers, we know that a hearing test is only a starting point in customizin­g a hearing aid specifical­ly to your hearing loss and lifestyle. We are proud to be the longest running, independen­t, family owned hearing care practice in Benton County, celebratin­g 23 years of service to our community.

Proud to be a part of the Test Drive movement, Shelli will allow her patients to try hearing technology free for one month, with no deposit or commitment. Schedule an appointmen­t for a FREE hearing evaluation and take a Hearing Aid Test Drive with Shelli Carson today by calling 479-202-9618 or visit www.BlueWaveHe­ . 22 Sugar Creek Center, Bella Vista

 ?? ?? Shelli Carson, M.S.
Shelli Carson, M.S.

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