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Monday, Jan. 9

10:03 a.m. Police received a report on Kendal Drive that someone hooked up a hose to the reporting person’s water and a high bill resulted.

Tuesday, Jan. 10

11:34 a.m. Police received a report on Sandridge Drive that someone responded to a Craigslist ad for a fake house for rent and lost $475.

Wednesday, Jan. 11

11:27 a.m. Police received a report at Metfield Clubhouse that, on Jan. 5, someone came to the facility for yoga class and jumped the curb and took out a light pole that took out the rest of the lights.

2:18 p.m. Police arrested Hannah Bauer, 52, David Scott Sanders, 35, and Wesley Stinson Thomas, 22, in connection with out-oftown warrants during a traffic stop at Arkansas Highway 279 and Robin Road.

Thursday, Jan. 12

12:54 p.m. Police received a report on Manchester Drive of a mangled bike in a tree. The bike had a broken chain and a bent back wheel and appeared to have been left hanging on the tree.

Friday, Jan. 13

12:50 p.m. Police received a report on Muthill Place of a yellow lab type of dog that barks all the time and has shown aggressive behavior in the past. The reporting person was going to attempt to take it home when it got out, but it was foaming and tried to bite tires, the report said. Police responded and noticed loud music coming from inside the home, adding to the report that the homeowners may have not heard the dog for that reason. Police told the owner to bring the dog inside when the barking does not stop.

Saturday, Jan. 14

2:03 p.m. Police received a report at Greens One Resort that a television and silverware were taken. There were no signs of forced entry.

Sunday, Jan. 15

9:36 a.m. Police received a report on Shefford Lane that someone lost money in an internet scam.

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