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Bella Vista’s STR ordinance being undermined


The state legislatur­e has undermined the decision of Bella Vista with Senate Bill 197.

SB 197 states, “A local government shall not enact or enforce an ordinance, resolution, rule or other requiremen­t of any type that prohibits or limits the use of a property as a shortterm rental unit.”

Feb. 21, SB 197 came out of committee and Feb. 23, it was voted on and approved in the Senate. The bill was introduced by Sen. Joshua Bryant, R-Rogers and Representa­tive Brit McKenzie, R-Rogers. Senator Bart Hester, Senate President Pro Tempore of the 94th General Assembly, is in ownership of many parcels of land in Bella Vista.

The bill is now in the house. These legislator­s must hear from us! Email, text, call your senator and representa­tive. Tell them you do not want Short Term Rental Businesses operating in your neighborho­od.

Yes, we have a right to rent our property, but this is a new form of rental. Even Dallas is working on regulating these businesses. STRs have become a problem across the country.

If this bill becomes law, it will:

• Allow businesses to operate in residentia­l neighborho­ods unchecked.

• Set a precedent for the state legislatur­e inserting itself into local decisions.

• Support a special interest, not property rights of all.

• Increase home prices.

• Affect our ability to sell.

No one wants to buy next to a motel.

• Allow single family

homes to be rented to 10-20 people.

• Increase cars parked on


• Increase noise, trash,

unleashed pets.

There are already 400500 STRs operating in Bella Vista and the ordinance set our the limit at 600.

Please help stop the state legislatur­e from inserting itself into the local decision on STRs.

Ellen and Gary Creakbaum Bella Vista

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