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Growth of Bella Vista was based on short-term rental


After reading the March 1st Letter to the Editor, it brought to mind the many times we used short term rentals from 1980 until we moved here in 1994.

Folks, the growth of Bella Vista was based on shortterm rental. Homes were paid for by the use of shortterm and long-term rental. I have no rental property so I could care less if they make any ordinances regarding this subject but the only ordinance should be a tax that any motel or hotel pays and any hotel or motel ordinances in force.

Bella Vista, like it or not is a destinatio­n for outdoor people. It always has been and although we are a city now. We are still dependent on visitors in many ways. There has been a short term rental company in Bella Vista as long as it has existed and only lately have a few problems come up. I have rentals on my street and never any major issues. City fathers, count the issues and ask yourselves if the number of issues actually need more than a disturbing the peace ordinance.

Septic systems are a way of life here. We have companies that clean them when needed and the city has no business sticking their noses into making decisions on them for restrictin­g use when theses issues will take care of themselves by getting cleaned when they need it.

If the city wants to do good for us, find a way to do away with the ACC which in my mind is redundant and not under control of the city or the property owners. The ACC is owned by a “for profit company” and is controlled by the board of directors of that company. It can set it’s own prices, pay out money to it’s officers as it sees fit without any outside control. I think that makes it illegal.

Donald Stockdale Bella Vista

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