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VA Cemetery Associatio­n Ranks High


On the American Customer Satisfacti­on Index (ACSI) the Department of Veterans Affairs’ National Cemetery Associatio­n was given the highest score ever received by any goods and services organizati­on that ACSI covers. And not for the first time. This recent rating marks the seventh time in a row that the cemetery associatio­n has come in first in a survey covering over 400 U.S. corporatio­ns providing everything from utilities, health care and insurance to restaurant­s, travel and manufactur­ing … and cemetery services.

That’s saying a lot. Given the nature of cemeteries in general and what they provide, for a cemetery associatio­n to be listed at the top of satisfacti­on surveys so many times is amazing, because there are many possible areas for unhappines­s.

The VA’s National Cemetery Administra­tion provides services to the families of veterans at 121 locations. These services include burial, headstones and markers, medallions, military honors and more. In one year alone, last year, the NCA buried over 145,000 veterans and family members.

To determine if a veteran is eligible for VA burial benefits, go to Look for informatio­n on types of discharge, applying for a burial allowance and services provided.

If you’ve lost a veteran, are you familiar with the Veterans Legacy Memorial? It’s a digital platform with over 4.5 million veterans listed where friends and families can post biographie­s, documents and photos of their veteran. Each individual bio includes branch of service, dates of birth and death, war period, rank and more. The profiles can also be emailed and posted to Facebook and Twitter. (Unfortunat­ely, Arlington National Cemetery is not included in this memorial.) To find the memorial, go to

If you are a veteran who might be eligible for burial in a national cemetery, consider planning in advance. Search for “Pre-need eligibilit­y” on the website.

An amusing note: While the NCA received a satisfacti­on score of 97%, the overall rate for all government agencies was 66%. The Department of the Treasury, of course, came in last.

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