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5 Ways to Tighten Your Tim­ber Frame Bud­get

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1. Use lo­cal species. For ex­am­ple, if you live on the east coast, white pine and oak will typ­i­cally be cheaper than other non-lo­cal species. Ship­ping tim­bers across the coun­try is an added ex­pense that you don’t nec­es­sar­ily need to add to your bot­tom line.

2. Mix up your roof sys­tem. Con­sider en­clos­ing the roof over the tim­bered ar­eas of your home with SIPs, but us­ing a con­ven­tional sys­tem over the other ar­eas of the house. By do­ing this, you can take ad­van­tage of the ease of us­ing the SIPs and the speed and in­su­la­tion val­ues they pro­vide while also en­joy­ing the cost sav­ings that come with a con­ven­tional roof sys­tem.

3. Keep your frame sim­ple. The more com­plex your frame is, the more it’s go­ing to cost. And the more joints and board footage of wood in the frame, the more com­plex things get. Note: Keep­ing the frame sim­ple can be chal­leng­ing de­pend­ing on your plan, but this is a good tip to keep in mind when mak­ing de­ci­sions with your de­signer.

4. Find the best prices. Both sup­pli­ers’ and con­trac­tors’ prices will vary so get­ting three es­ti­mates for ev­ery­thing is a smart strat­egy. (If you only get two, you won’t have the third one to ver­ify if some­one is too high or too low.) Make sure you cre­ate a thor­ough re­quest doc­u­ment to send to each sup­plier to make sure you get a true ap­ples-to-ap­ples com­par­i­son.

5. Lis­ten to the pros. Ask your pro­fes­sional team how to save money as they will of­ten know ways to cut back on the cost of their ser­vices or how you can tweak your plan to make it work within your bud­get.

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