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It’s not ex­actly a se­cret that the kitchen is where ev­ery­one seems to gather. We all know this, yet many home­own­ers still don’t plan a kitchen that can han­dle a crowd. Not only will you need room for your guests to con­gre­gate, you’ll need space to pre­pare the food and pour the drinks.

A large cen­tral is­land is a must, but where one is­land is good, two are bet­ter. This will al­low you the space to cook and chop at one coun­ter­top, then stage it for nosh­ing on the other. Guests can now in­ter­act with you freely with­out block­ing your progress. Pro­vide am­ple seat­ing in your kitchen, not only around the is­land but per­haps in the form of a built-in bench or win­dow seat, too. The more places you have for friends to re­lax, the bet­ter.

Fi­nally, a large pantry – par­tic­u­larly a but­ler’s pantry – is a game changer at the hol­i­days. It al­lows you to stash all those items you only bring out this time of year in a spa­cious, or­ga­nized way.

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