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1. If you choose a solid wood floor in your home, make sure you con­sider a fac­tory-ap­plied fin­ish, which will make in­stal­la­tion much eas­ier — no dust from sand­ing, no fumes from fin­ish­ing and no wait­ing around for the floors to dry.

2. Con­sider your home’s ac­tiv­ity level when de­cid­ing on a wood species. In homes with kids or pets, most floors (es­pe­cially Amer­i­can hard­woods like maple, wal­nut and cherry) can weather a lit­tle abuse. Soft­woods, like south­ern yel­low pine, are great op­tions, too — as long as you’re pre­pared for dents and scratches to sur­face over time.

3. Changes in hu­mid­ity can lead to squeak­ing and buck­ling. This sen­si­tiv­ity to mois­ture rules out wood floor in­stal­la­tion in base­ments and most bath­rooms.

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