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You not only want your win­dows to add to your tim­ber home’s curb ap­peal, you need them to cre­ate a weather tight, en­ergy-ef­fi­cient space. Look to these op­tions for ex­tra en­ergy sav­ings:

Triple/quad glaz­ing. Three to four panes (lay­ers) of glass pro­vide added in­su­la­tion from the weather out­side. As a rule, the more lay­ers you have, the bet­ter the pro­tec­tion (and the lower your en­ergy bills will be).

Low-E coat­ings. Low-emis­siv­ity coat­ings em­ploy a sil­ver film, thin­ner than a hu­man hair, that re­flects heat. In the sum­mer, it keeps the heat from pen­e­trat­ing your home, and in the win­ter, it bounces the gen­er­ated heat in­ward, rather than let­ting it es­cape through the glass.

Gas fills. The cav­i­ties be­tween panes of glass are filled with gas (of­ten ar­gon, but kryp­ton and xenon gas also can be used), cre­at­ing a dense but in­vis­i­ble layer of ther­mal re­sis­tance. Gas fills are of­ten used in con­junc­tion with low-E coat­ings.

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