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Longmont Humane Society CEO resigns

- By Amber Carlson acarlson@ prairiemou­ntainmedia.com

The Longmont Humane Society announced Monday that CEO Jason Dennison has stepped down from his position effective Jan. 13.

According to a news release, Russell Hinkle, director of facilities and safety, has stepped in as interim CEO of the organizati­on during the Board of Directors’ search for a replacemen­t. Prior to his resignatio­n, Dennison had served in his role since August 2021.

“Mr. Dennison is taking time to focus on his family, which requires his full attention right now,” Darlene Coker, the board chair of the Humane Society, stated in the release.

“We wish him, his wife and baby all the best. We are grateful that Russell Hinkle and our senior staff are prepared and experience­d to keep LHS running smoothly and serving Longmont and the surroundin­g communitie­s while the Board of Directors makes decisions on Mr. Dennison’s permanent replacemen­t.”

In an interview with the Times-call, Coker said that while it had been a “difficult decision” for Dennison to step down, he did so after recently becoming a father. Coker said the organizati­on has posted the job opening, is actively recruiting, and will begin interviewi­ng candidates for Dennison’s replacemen­t in early March.

Meanwhile, Hinkle said it was an “honor” for him to step into the interim CEO role.

“Serving the organizati­on over the past six years has given me a deep appreciati­on for our cause,” Hinkle wrote in an email. “As a Longmont resident, I’m highly excited to continue leading LHS in not only our mission, but our continuing efforts to be one of the best places to work in Longmont.”

Looking ahead at 2023, Coker said the organizati­on has two major goals for the year: to improve the organizati­on’s culture and make it “an even more amazing place to work,” and to focus on fundraisin­g. She said the new CEO will be tasked with advancing these goals.

“That’s kind of what we’re up to — fundraisin­g, taking care of our employees, serving the community,” Coker said. “That’s what we do. We’re taking care of the puppies and kitties.”

In addition to searching for a new CEO, the Longmont Humane Society is also preparing to host its Homeward Bound fundraisin­g gala on March 18. More informatio­n and tickets are available at bit.ly/3idzhcq.

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