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Broncos increase ticket prices

Team breaks down 2023 hike through analytics in email

- By Parker Gabriel pgabriel@denverpost.com

The Broncos kicked off their season ticket renewal process with an email to season-ticket holders Thursday morning outlining an increase in ticket prices in 2023 to account for nine regular-season home games and the results of a third-party analysis of the franchise’s pricing structure.

The consultati­on, performed by Kraft Analytics Group, measured Denver’s season-ticket pricing against the rest of the NFL and against the local secondary ticket market. In 2022, the Broncos ranked No. 17 in the NFL in average season-ticket price.

“We really wanted to look at, row by row, seat by seat, section by section, where we are not only in comparison to our secondary market but in comparison to all 32 teams across the NFL,” Broncos vice president for ticketing, sales and service Marc Jackson told The Post.

The Broncos’ average pergame ticket price increase for 2023 will be around 7%.

The average Broncos ticket sold on the secondary market for nearly 40% more than the average season-ticket price.

“That potential revenue lost (to secondary ticket brokers) could ultimately be reinvested not only into football but the fan experience,” Jackson said. “Really, what we’ve tried to do is be thoughtful about how we can recapture some of that.”

Jackson cited the Waltonpenn­er Family Ownership Group’s work in fan experience in the months since they’ve owned the team, including more than $100 million in stadium upgrades being completed this offseason.

Broncos president Damani Leech acknowledg­ed the same in the letter sent to season-ticket holders Thursday announcing the opening of the renewal window.

“Our 2023 season ticket prices reflect the additional regularsea­son home game along with a comprehens­ive review — done with third-party analysis — of the local and league ticketing landscape,” Leech wrote in part. “We remain focused on offering a variety of pricing options for you based on fair market value while also ensuring we are competitiv­e with other NFL teams.”

The franchise had a 98% renewal rate in 2022, topping 96% for the sixth straight year.

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