Times-Call (Longmont)

Colorado Net Zero efforts will serve only to harm residents

- — Carl Brady, Frederick

The Feb. 9 Times-call had two separate articles describing numerous efforts underway in the state Legislatur­e to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with the ultimate goal of reducing them 100% by 2050. The intent appears to be to slow climate change by reducing the rate of increase in the global atmospheri­c concentrat­ion of greenhouse gases.

According to a Greenhouse Gas Inventory Update issued by the state in September 2021, Colorado greenhouse gas emissions in 2020 were about 120 million tons. Reducing that to zero in 2050 would result in a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of about 1.8 billion tons between 2020 and 2050.

On the other hand, based on EIA projection­s, global greenhouse gas emissions will increase from about 46 billion tons in 2020 to about 57 billion tons by 2050. That means the projected total global emission of greenhouse gases between 2020 and 2050 will be about 1.55 trillion tons. Colorado’s 1.8 billion ton reduction would only amount to about 0.12% of total global emissions.

The effect on the global atmospheri­c concentrat­ion of greenhouse gases would not be detectable.

So we know what the efforts planned by the state Legislatur­e won’t do; they won’t have any noticeable effect on climate change.

We also know what they will do. They will bring more government intrusion into every part of our lives. Government busybodies will even select our light bulbs and lawn mowers for us.

These Net Zero efforts will also increase the costs of new appliances and furnaces. They will lead to higher heating and electric bills and lower grid reliabilit­y with brownouts and blackouts as they have in every state or country that has tried them. If we don’t vote this bunch out of office at the first opportunit­y, we deserve everything we get.

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