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Here is a selection of comments on stories posted by the Timescall on its Facebook page Feb. 11-17, 2023.

Defendant in Longmont drive-by shooting set for trial

VALERIE DEHERRERA >> He's going to get what he deserves!!!

ERIC SAUNDERS >> Funny how the person/s who killed a postal worker are still not going to trial.

PATRICIA ROSALES >> Justice#forzay. Best believe he's going to get what he deserves. Long live King Zay.

MAXIMUS STAFFY >> He'll probably get probation.

Longmont police notes: Police respond to thefts of firearm, walker


THOMAS LAWSON >> What are the odds that a responsibl­e gun owner stole a firearm?

PORTER DEE >> Not 600 Martin?!

TINA EATON-SCOTT >> Even if the criminals are caught, the liberal judges will just let them out with a slap on the wrist. Just another day in Methmont.

Former Rep. Tracey Bernett pleads guilty, is sentenced to deferred judgment and probation

JEFFREY JUSTICE >> Wait a minute. Trying to tell us a Democrat committed a felony in regard to an election? Must be a mistake. RODNEY SMITH >> She lied and attempted to commit election fraud. Probation does little to discourage other people from attempting this. I don't have an axe to grind with this person. It just seems a bit too lenient.

AMBER GOODWIN >> She's a Democrat. So, no surprise.

Mead High School supports Make-a-wish Colorado for its fifth year

CINDY SCHERRER >> Heartwarmi­ng, God Bless you all.

LYNDA FLORES >> Great work!!!

KIP LIVINGSTON >> What a great effort. Thanks.

DAWN JACKSON >> Beautiful.

KAREN ELLIOTT >> That is the best gift of love.

Talk of an ethics committee causes tension on Longmont City Council

JEFF NOONAN >> Marcia an ethics committee. Epic fail

JIM WESTER >> This sounds like a solution in search of a problem.

Man sentenced to 60 years in prison for shooting at Longmont officers

TALLIS SALAMATIAN >> Finally, a punishment to match the crime. THOMAS LAWSON >> So not an easy punishment as so many have crowed about. Good.

CHRIS BATES >> Wow, just threw your life away disregardi­ng other people's lives.

Boulder County deputy charged with vehicular assault in Diagonal Highway crash

JEFFREY JUSTICE >> Has happened in this area before with a conviction and the deputy losing his job. It is well known that many people can't hear the sirens and don't see the lights. Even cops on a Code 3 have to drive responsibl­y. Sad situation all around. KEITH HORVATH >> Even the cops can't drive.

Longmont City Council votes to table how to spend Broncos sale money; process called a ‘fiasco’

JIM WESTER >> After five months we're finally getting clarificat­ion on what the money can be used for?

LOUIS J CAVALLO >> They should just use it for existing youth programs instead of trying to reinvent the wheel. It became a fiasco when councilmem­bers started to make suggestion­s for pet projects like a dome.

BENNIE CASTELLANO >> Money … makes people crazy? Huge discovery.


JEFF NOONAN >> What a useless group.

Dacono unexpected­ly fires City Manager AJ Euckert; decision leaves city ‘scrambling’

NICK RYAN >> So, a few councilmem­bers clearly had planning conversati­ons outside of an open meeting. This could become a legal liability for the city.

SYLVIA SALAS-AGUILAR >> Unfreakinr­eal … Mayberry, Dacono small-town attitudes.

DENISE SMALL BECKER >> That's just not right!

JUDI ASHLEY >> Thank God he was absolutely horrible. Dacono deserves better. Thank you, council! Now get someone who cares and listens and is compassion­ate to its citizens.

CHRIS BATES >> No good deed goes unpunished.

Longmont not ready to deploy sound cameras for traffic

PHILLIP L SMALL >> The Republic of Boulder County is already too WOKE.

LYNDA NOIROT >> Unsafe streets and neighborho­ods: loud mufflers on cars that speed through with motors roaring at all hours of the day or night as if the driver were trying to blow out the engine. Where are the rights of people who prefer safety, peace and quiet? CALEB JAMES CONNOR >> Just what we need more of in this county. Generate revenue, infringe on freedom.

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