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- Editor’s note: According to the school district website, the aquatic center “will be available as a public swimming space for classes open to St. Vrain community members.” The Vance Brand Civic Auditorium currently is used by the Longmont Symphony Orchest

Longmont survey

• The City Council needs to provide the annual budgets to staff and maintain the four proposed projects, so we as taxpayers can have a complete tally of their ongoing costs.

• I just completed the Longmont library, recreation and cultural funding survey on Surveymonk­ey that the city has asked us to complete. I highly encourage others to do likewise. It brings up a big question for me: Why is the school district not sharing the eight-lane pool attached to Silver Creek High School with Longmont community members who enjoy swimming laps? This facility should be available during school hours, five days a week. We all pay for that facility with our tax dollars, as well as Longmont High School auditorium and Skyline, too. Why are we not partnering better with the school district to use available facilities for recreation and cultural events?

Lie, lie, lie

• So one guy says Fox News lies, and in order to make it fair, another caller says MSNBC and CNN lie, too. They’re both right, but there’s a better way to put it. Fox News lies; CNN and NBC lie; the Washington Post, The New York Times, and The Associated Press lie. They all lie. There. I’m the fairest of them all.

• To the person who called in about supposedly (how) MSNBC and CNN lie, lie, lie, and then said oh, now it’s fair: We both know where you’ve always heard that — Fox News. Because they do lie, lie, lie. You might not call that fair. But it’s darn well accurate.

Women’s roles

Once again, pro-life Republican­s have been falsely accused of trying to limit women’s roles in the world. Actually, they are only trying to save the child’s body in the woman’s body. Women have many good freedoms today, and they do know what causes pregnancy.

A few men with nukes

Isn’t it amazing how eight billion people on the planet Earth, their lives are totally affected by the threats of a few powerful men with nuclear weapons.

Train derailment

The Norfolk Southern Railroad that caused the recent damage with toxic chemicals in a town is now paying $6.5million to the town and $7.5billion, with a B, to its stockholde­rs. Just a little perspectiv­e.


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