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• I’m calling in support of the Times-call’s parent company, Prairie Mountain (Media), dropping “Dilbert.” I know to many people it will be a liberal-looking decision, but the truth of the matter is, if he had just quietly expressed his opinion, then he would have that right. But he uses his platform as a cartoonist to spout his racist views, and as such, his cartoons then become part of who he is and what he says. So I do support its being taken out of the comics, even though I don’t think Times-call had anything to do with the decision.

• You made a big deal (Monday) of canceling “Dilbert,” but at the same time you continue to publish crackpot propagandi­st cartoonist­s.

• If Scott “Dilbert” Adams is really a racist, then I don’t agree with his beliefs. But there are a lot of phonies calling people racist. Scott Adams is actually honest. The easiest thing to do is call someone racist. They have no defense. It is impossible to prove you are not a racist.

• OK, so “Dilbert” is gone. I get that. But “Cul de Sac”? Really? What’s wrong with “Calvin and Hobbes”? Is there some reason that we can’t have “Calvin and Hobbes”? Geez.

Editor’s note: Unfortunat­ely, “Calvin and Hobbes” is not available for domestic syndicatio­n. Otherwise, you’d be reading it every day in this newspaper.

2018 rezoning

Apparently a citywide rezoning took place in 2018 that’s responsibl­e for the high-density infill developmen­t taking place in areas of Longmont. How can such an important action such as rezoning entire neighborho­ods happen without an aggressive effort to obtain feedback from the residents who will be directly impacted by these rezoning actions? Why not a mailer to residents within 1,000 feet of the affected area? The process is broken. How can we fix this?

Thank you

I just want to say thank you so very much to the delivery person who puts the newspaper on (our) porch on Kenyon Lane. We are so grateful and thankful for that.

Dog poop

People that are walking their dogs in the neighborho­ods of Longmont, they’re putting their dog poop bags in everybody’s garbage cans. I mean, take it home with you. People don’t want your dog poop in our garbage cans. Be more considerat­e.

Mail delivery

I’m calling about recent mail delivery issues. I live in the 900block of Mountain View, and we can receive our mail anywhere between 11 a.m. and 8:30 at night. It’s a retirement area where there are many older people residing. Last night my mail came at 7:45, in the dark. This morning, I exchanged packages with my neighbor because we each received each other’s mail. A lot of these issues could be alleviated if they would not deliver in the dark.

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