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- Editor’s note: The city of Longmont offers two phone numbers to report traffic problems. To report a problem while it’s happening, call 303651-8501. To report a recurring problem in your neighborho­od, call 303651-8849.

Early Childhood Alliance

The Early Childhood Alliance presentati­on to City Council highlights why I love the TABOR requiremen­t of citizen approval before a new tax can be implemente­d. The Tuesday night presentati­on follows the typical pattern of providing feel-good elements while avoiding all discussion of actual costs, tax rates and manner of administra­tion such as whether those who spend the potential tax receipts are to be elected or appointed. Absent TABOR requiremen­ts, I believe the City Council would have fallen all over themselves to vote in favor of the proposal, regardless of such essential details.

Cultural center

I still think Longmont is too small to support an expanded cultural center and performing arts venue other than what we’ve got already. … I just don’t think Longmont has enough private support for such a facility expansion.


You say “Dilbert” shouldn’t be discontinu­ed because its author, Scott Adams, was just using his First Amendment rights. But here’s the thing: Free speech and hate speech are not the same. Hate speech often leads to damage and even death. You can believe what you want, but in certain cases it’s best to keep your thoughts to yourself.

Blocking traffic

I’m calling to find out if you could give some attention to the police department on the fact that cars are standing still waiting for lines of people to go through a coffee shop drive-thru on Main Street and it’s piling up the traffic and causing danger. I think somebody needs to do something about that, and I don’t know where to start. If anyone has any suggestion­s, please print this in the TC Line so that I can make appropriat­e calls to appropriat­e people.

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