Times-Call (Longmont)

City Council


• I’m really saddened by the lack of response to the TC Line by the City Council members. There’s a lot of people in there that are putting out some really good informatio­n, and apparently they don’t read it. So these residents, all of us, that like the TC Line, will have to call one of the members of the City Council in order for them to know what we are thinking, especially on this cultural center, and the hotel on Third and Kimbark, and the other big thing that’s coming up … Bohn (Farm). You know, there have been a lot of people thinking about those three big issues, and the thing that I’ve seen in the past is (that) after a while, those people … quit talking about it in the paper, but sure enough, before you blink your eye, there it is, it’s going into effect, whatever they want to do. And how do we know? We have no idea, unless we go to the council meeting. Is that the only way we are going to know what the Council is going to say yea or nay on?

• I’ve watched the City Council do nothing but do bad things for the city. … I’ve complained a bunch about not seeing any housing, and my … friend says, “But there’s apartments everywhere.” And I said … when a family is growing, the last thing they need to do is leave an apartment to their kids. … And if you just keep building apartments and not building the roads, you’re going to have nothing but more congestion. … Now they (plan to) put a hotel on Third Avenue. … This is a joke. We have to change the way we do things. We have to get rid of these liberals in Longmont.

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