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Bill removes the right to choose life


Ever since I read Tara Menza’s letter to the editor, I can’t get over how bad a bill SB23-190 really is. It is an egregious assault of government overreach sponsored by none other than HD11 Rep. Karen Mccormick.

The bill is titled “Deceptive Trade Practice Pregnancy-related Service.” Immediatel­y, that entire premise is a lie. The bill has nothing to do with deceptive trade practices. If one only reads the five-page bill, it becomes clear the intent of the bill is to bully health care profession­als into not providing abortion reversal drugs or even mentioning they exist even though a successful and safe reversal is accomplish­ed 64% of the time, according to a scientific study published in the National Library of Medicine. (https:// pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih. gov/30831017/)

On occasion a woman, after receiving the first of a two-dose regimen to terminate her pregnancy, will change her mind. If this bill becomes law, a health care provider who merely informs their patient that she can safely and possibly reverse the first dose, risks losing his/her license. This law effectivel­y removes a woman’s right to choose life once she takes the first dose.

I honestly can’t remember a more heinous example of government interferen­ce into the private and personal health care decisions between a woman and her doctor. There is no reason whatsoever that government should threaten a health care profession­al for providing a patient with all medical alternativ­es available. This is what a totalitari­an dictatorsh­ip, not a democracy, looks like.

Is government interferen­ce on this absurd level what we want our health care system to become? Not in my America. How despicable do you have to be to insist a woman go through with killing her baby after she has changed her mind?

— David Brown,


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