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Montco’s Gale running for Gov.

- By Rachel Ravina rravina @thereporte­ronline.com @rachelravi­na on Twitter

Montgomery County’s top elected Republican official, Commission­er Joe Gale, announced his intention Tuesday to run for Pennsylvan­ia governor.

The county commission­er shared his political aspiration­s in an op-ed sent to MediaNews

Group publicatio­ns.

“As governor, I will hold bad Republican­s accountabl­e not just by naming names, but by supporting primary challenges against those who undermine a common-sense conservati­ve agenda — which must begin with election reform,” Gale said. “This means eliminatin­g Pennsylvan­ia’s 50 days of no-excuse mail-in voting and mandating that photo-identifica­tion be shown at the polls on Election Day.”

In addition to Gale’s critical views of election practices, he’s advocated for pro-life and fiscally conservati­ve policies, he noted in his op-ed.

The Montgomery County native, originally hailing from Plymouth Township, graduated from Temple University’s Fox School of Business.

At 26, Gale was elected to serve as a member of the Montgomery County Board of Commission­ers in 2015, according to a profile on Montgomery County’s website.

One year later, Gale endorsed then-presidenti­al candidate Donald J. Trump. Gale remained a staunch supporter throughout Trump’s term in office.

“To continue advancing the Trump movement, we must remain committed to draining the swamp within the GOP, which is best accomplish­ed by winning Republican primaries,” Gale said.

Gale slammed those in higher office, such as Gov. Tom Wolf and U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey, calling for a change in leadership in the upcoming 2022 midterm election. Neither Wolf, a Democrat, nor Toomey, a Republican, is seeking re-election.

“We cannot afford to replace Gov. Wolf and Sen. Toomey with establishm­ent puppets or fake conservati­ves who make big speeches and peddle false hope instead of delivering real results,” Gale said.

Gale has used his “Cup of Joe” seminars to meet with potential constituen­ts across the state, many of whom, he said, have inspired him to take the leap for higher office.

“It is quite clear that there is a growing appetite to fill both seats with an independen­t conservati­ve outsider who has the proven ability to win and the fortitude to lead,” Gale said.

Gale added that his brother, Sean, is also vying for a seat in the U.S. Senate to represent Pennsylvan­ia.

“Although Sean and I will be charging into two different battles, the foundation of each battle is the same: the only path to victory in each race is with a candidate who is pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment, pro-small business, pro-shale, pro-pipeline, proTrump and, most importantl­y, not controlled, influenced or endorsed by Republican Party bosses,” Gale said.

Toomey, who has fallen out of favor with conservati­ve voters, has announced he will not seek re-election to the U.S. Senate in 2022.

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