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• Rearrange furniture. Ensure no furniture is blocking pathways between rooms.

• Reduce clutter. It’s easy to accumulate clutter, such as boxes. Take the time to declutter your home, especially the hallways and stairs.

• Install handrails on both sides of the stairs. Each should be 30 inches above the stairs and extend the full length of the stairs.

• Install nightlight­s. Keep the halls/walkways in your home well-lit and consider a nightlight in your bathroom. A clear path is especially helpful when trying to get to the restroom in the middle of the night.

• Secure all loose area rugs. Place double-sided carpet tape or slip-resistant backing on all loose rugs around your home, including the bathroom.

• Proper storage. Store items that you use on a regular basis within easy reach. For example, clothes, shoes in your bedroom and dishes and cooking equipment in the kitchen.

• Install grab bars on the shower wall.

• Wear the right footwear. Wear properly-fitting shoes with nonskid soles. Avoid high heels. Tie your shoelaces. Never walk in your stocking feet. Replace slippers that have stretched out of shape and are too loose.

• Clean up immediatel­y any liquids, grease or food spilled on the floor.

• Designate a play area. Children may have lots of toys scattered around the house. It’s important to contain those toys in a dedicated play area and clean up the toys after kids are done playing to avoid tripping.

• Keep walkways clear. Keep the path between your front door, driveway and mailbox well-lit and clear of debris.

Source: American Academy of Orthopaedi­c Surgeons

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