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community events, in addition to the annual Student Showcase and Open House held at the St. Mary Education Center. Media arts students designed the school yearbook and other printed materials, giving them the opportunit­y to see their ideas manifest to tangible, finished products.

In the performing arts department, music is a staple, with instructio­n in singing, dancing and instrument­als. Choir and band introduce the students to the world of performanc­e arts, while the annual plays, spring musicals and dinner theaters provide in-depth exposure to live performanc­es.

Christmas of 2021 brought the return of many treasured holiday traditions. Both student choirs, Cherubim and Seraphim, accompanie­d the Christmas tree lighting ceremonies for St. Mary Parish and

Upper Salford Township. The Seraphim Choir shared their vocal talents with the seniors of St. Philip Neri during their annual Christmas luncheon.

The entire school, parish, and community enjoyed the annual Christmas pageant as each grade participat­ed. Seventh- and eighth-grade students put on a production of “Twas the Opening Night Before Christmas” to complete the Christmas season.

The spring musical, “Disney’s Aladdin,” allowed students to continue to expand their performing skills. Their performanc­e season was completed with “The Emerald Heist,” a fun and interactiv­e mystery that had the audience asking “who done it?” until the very last moment.

Physical education is also an essential element at St. Mary. The campus sits on 23 acres, complete with walking trails, an outdoor classroom and plenty of room for children to play. While phys ed class is preferred to be held outside,

there is an indoor option when weather doesn’t cooperate. Hedge Hall contains a basketball court where class can be held when it rains, snows or is exceptiona­lly cold.

Many Catholic Youth Organizati­on teams hold games, tournament­s and competitio­ns there throughout the year.

Technology is a considerab­le part of the curriculum. Beginning in kindergart­en, students utilize desktop computers in the computer lab, starting with the basics to acclimate themselves with mice and fullsize keyboards and how to properly handle equipment. As they progress, they learn how to efficientl­y and safely use the internet; create presentati­ons, fonts and websites; and use editing, illustrati­on and programmin­g software.

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineerin­g, Art, Math) was a natural progressio­n for the school, with the 2021-2022 year showing a growing love for STEAM among the

students. Whether it was building natural forts to see how they would fare through the winter, challengin­g how to improve the world’s transporta­tion systems or designing and constructi­ng fun and creative miniature golf courses; the students embraced an outstandin­g STEAM program and took advantage of every opportunit­y.

Fifth-through-eighthgrad­e students participat­e in the annual STEM Fair, developing an experiment of their choosing and by following the scientific method presenting their findings to the school and the community. Seventhand eighth-graders participat­ed in the Montgomery County Science Research Competitio­n at Germantown Academy, earning over 18 awards in their first regional science fair.

While the outstandin­g academic environmen­t is a highlight, there is nothing more important than the grounded, Christ-centered foundation that children need to navigate the

world. St. Mary Catholic School encourages students to build a close relationsh­ip with God, providing them with a strong moral compass and teaching them to act with compassion and humility throughout their lives. The students, faculty and staff consistent­ly practice

kindness and courtesy to foster respect.

Now is the time to see if St. Mary Catholic School is the perfect fit for your family. Contact Genevieve to schedule a tour by calling 610.287.7787, ext.244, or email ggiampa@smsk-8. org.

 ?? COURTESY OF ST. MARY CATHOLIC SCHOOL ?? Elle celebrates moving on to first grade.
COURTESY OF ST. MARY CATHOLIC SCHOOL Elle celebrates moving on to first grade.

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