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Gale objects to COVID-19 contract renewal

- By Rachel Ravina rravina@thereporte­ronline.com

NORRISTOWN >> A nearly $40,000 contract renewal for COVID-19 education and outreach services brought about some discussion during last week’s Montgomery County Commission­ers meeting.

The package of contract items arranged through the county Office of Health and Human Services passed in a 2-1 roll call vote, with Commission­er Joe Gale as dissenter, who cited the item, which he said “might seem minor” as an expense.

“We’re now a couple years into Covid and after shutdowns, lockdowns, mandates, mask wearing, children not having in-person education, the general public is well aware of Covid,” Gale said. “They know what it is.”

The $39,916 contract, between the agency’s Office of Public Health and ACLAMO, is the third and final sixmonth agreement with the

Norristown-based nonprofit. ACLAMO serving as a “Covid-19 outreach and educator provider” will take place from Dec. 17 to June 16, 2023, according to the contract.

The trio of elected officials unanimousl­y authorized the remaining contracts, that totaled more than $26.4 million, during the Nov. 17 board meeting.

The county also authorized the increased funds for its supplement­al reimbursem­ent agreement by $17.2 million related to the Ridge

Pike Improvemen­t Project. There was initially $953,753 allocated in funding back in 2015 “for the replacemen­t and reconstruc­tion of two bridges along Ridge Pike that span railroad tracks owned by Norfolk Southern Corporatio­n,” the contract states.

Of the authorized funds, “80% of which is reimbursab­le by Federal Highway Administra­tion funds and 15% of which is reimbursab­le by PennDOT, with 5 percent to be paid by the county from its capital funds.”

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