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Brittany Boys show that music is the gift that keeps on giving

- By Terry Alburger

Just about a decade ago, an interestin­g phenomenon took place. A couple of guys from Brittany Pointe retirement community got together for a musical act in one of our theater production­s. It was just one act, nothing more. But these gentlemen had so much fun doing it, and the quality of their music was so good that they decided to continue.

They eventually formed a band which I lovingly dubbed The Brittany Boys. Little did we know what an important milestone that was and what a gift they would become.

That in itself is a great thing, but even better are the back stories of these talented musicians. All had, at one time or another, been profession­al musicians, but many had to abandon dreams of a career in music when things like families, jobs, military service and the other responsibi­lities of life came along. Instrument­s were carefully packed away, stored in boxes along with some of their dreams.

Fast forward 30 or 40 years … when asked if they would consider dusting off those instrument­s and honing their impressive skills, each answered with a resounding “yes!” And the rest, as they say, is history.

The Brittany Boys gave these talented musicians the reason they needed to reignite their passions for music. In many cases, it gave them a reason to not only live, but to thrive. And in some cases, it saved their lives.

Over the past 10 years, some band members have come and gone. Only two of the original members are still with the band. The size of the band has grown from the original three to seven members, expanding their big band sound further. And what’s more, they entertain in a wide variety of locations, not just at Brittany Pointe.

It is a joy to watch them share their talents with other groups. But last week was the icing on the proverbial cake. The “Boys” performed at a local retirement community to a very captive and appreciati­ve audience.

After the show, a gentleman approached the band’s leader, saying that after their last performanc­e there (pre-COVID, in 2019) he was inspired. He had toyed with the idea of getting a band together with two other musicians who resided there but didn’t know how to proceed.

Our band’s leader happily offered advice and encouragem­ent and even sent them some sone arrangemen­ts.

So, from the inspiratio­n of one group of talented people, another band was born. The gift continues to spread, hopefully bringing smiles to a whole new set of audiences.

The impact of music is far-reaching. I for one am so grateful to the Brittany Boys, not only for their wonderful entertainm­ent, but for their willingnes­s to pay it forward and help another group get started. May this ball continue to roll and may others be inspired as well.

The best gifts are the ones you can’t hold in your hands. Remember that before you stress over getting the perfect gift for people this holiday season. Share your gifts, whatever they may be. Those are the gifts that keep on giving.

 ?? ?? The Brittany Boys are shown during a recent performanc­e at Brittany Pointe retirement community.
The Brittany Boys are shown during a recent performanc­e at Brittany Pointe retirement community.

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