Times-Herald (Vallejo) - - CLASSIFIED­S -

Com­pany nick­named “Big Blue”

Pa­per for jot­ting notes on

Lowly la­bor­ers Fea­ture of a 95° day in Phoenix, but not Mi­ami Not out­sourced Singer Mann

“No seats re­main­ing” sign “Mom” on a bi­cep, e.g. Hang­over rem­edy in which one con­tin­ues drink­ing

Surgery sites, briefly

Cry of dis­cov­ery Wan­ders

Clas­sic hor­ror tale by W. W. Ja­cobs

Wiener top­per that’s “sauer” Com­mon down­town street name

Killer whale Like some whiskey bar­rels ___ Do­mini Need for a cash-strapped car buyer “Peace out!” Slumps



Chim­ney pipes Course that’s a cake­walk

Out on a limb, lit­er­ally


Bog fuel

Poi­son ivy re­ac­tion

Glided ef­fort­lessly (through) Fa­voritest friend Gun noise Shel­tered, at sea “I know you think this is a lu­di­crous idea, but …”

The “A” of MoMA “Who am ___ judge?”


Drop-___ (un­ex­pected vis­i­tors)

High-I.Q. bunch Real es­tate or money in the bank

Fuel econ­omy au­thor­ity, for short

Ath­letic club? Speed limit let­ters, abroad Pre­fix with clas­si­cal

State known for its pota­toes

Br’er Rab­bit’s hide­away

“Oops, sorry!”

“On ___ Majesty’s Se­cret Ser­vice”

Help-wanted inits.


Doze (off)

Doo-wop rock band that per­formed in the movie “Grease”

Mom, pop and the kids, say

Supreme Court jus­tice Clarence

Suf­fix with di­rect or de­posit

Leave the band to make it big on one’s own

Cook’s gar­ment

Chi­nese re­gion dubbed the “Ve­gas of Asia”

Feathered Tchaikovsk­y dancers

Pe­ri­odic Si­cil­ian erupter

Piece be­tween a bishop and a queen

Son of Seth

Flattens in boxing, for short

Issa of HBO’s “In­se­cure”

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