Times-Herald (Vallejo)

A big problem


Congressio­nal testimony recently establishe­d that big tech made good money fostering wild conspiracy theories and enabling the Jan. 6 insurrecti­on.

News flash. Corporate America is hard at work in many other areas using price-fixing, intimidati­on, and social chaos, all for the big payoff as well.

In big business and finance, we see conglomera­tion in advertisin­g, online retail, debt card processing, luxury goods, hotels, insurance, and banking. In media, we see bigger publishing, bigger telecommun­ications, and bigger newspaper corporatio­ns.

In human services, we see fewer providers in education, hospitals, pharmacies, and labs, and bullying by health insurance associatio­ns.

There is ever-increasing size and power in agricultur­e and food, energy, sports, and defense industries. Even big tobacco is making a big come-back.

People complain about increasing monopoliza­tion in religion. Our two political parties are monopolies in restraint of political ideas. Oh, and yes, the federal government continues to marginaliz­e and bully state government­s.

We need to get our big shots under control.

— Kimball Shinkoskey/Woods Cross, Utah, former Vallejo


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