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Going too far?


As a New Yorker, having also attended school in Manhattan, there was exposure to people from all walks of life who hailed from all over the world. New York City houses many Italians. In fact, I lived for many years in an area called “Little Italy” on the lower West side known as the West Village.

The Italians I met there were gregarious, affectiona­te, outgoing, inclusive, and treated me like family. They were most accepting. Indeed, I have attended several Italian weddings. Back then, everybody who attended these celebratio­ns openly hugged one another, everybody danced together, everyone intermingl­ed. There was no such thing as an unwelcomed guest; if you were invited, you were warmly treated like family, and a part of them.

The current governor of

New York, Mario Cuomo, is a well-known New York Italian. For women to complain that he inappropri­ately hugged them, or touched their arm or back, or even kissed one of them at a wedding is ludicrous. Many of the Italians I have known have been most gracious, effervesce­nt and warmly loving people. It is part of the culture to hug and kiss one another at Italian weddings; in point of fact, kisses are most often given on both cheeks.

Are we not going just a little too far with these severe condemnati­ons, ladies?

— Paula McConnell/Vallejo

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