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Georgia and Tennessee street overpasses to reopen in mid May

- Times-Herald Staff

On Friday Caltrans announced that the Georgia Street overcrossi­ng and the Tennessee Street overcrossi­ng will reopen ahead of schedule.

The Georgia Street overcrossi­ng will reopen no later than May 6 while the Tennessee Street overcrossi­ng will reopen on May 13. Both were scheduled to reopen later in May but due to favorable working conditions, the projects were completed ahead of schedule.

Completing the projects sooner than expected will allow Caltrans to accelerate the project timetable for the Redwood Street overcrossi­ng, the last part of the I-80 Six Bridges Project. Improvemen­ts on the Tennessee St. and Georgia St. overcrossi­ngs include:

• Higher vertical clearance so modern trucks can pass underneath.

• Improved pedestrian walkways making them safer to cross.

The Redwood St. overcrossi­ng closure, which begins May 16, is expected to last five months. During that time the overcrossi­ng will be closed to all traffic to ensure public and worker safety. Caltrans will provide additional informatio­n when a specific date for the reopening is finalized.

Redwood Street Bridge Detour Routes include a Eastbound Detour:

• From eastbound on Redwood St. enter westbound I-80

• Continue on westbound I-80 to Tennessee St. exit

• Exit I-80 at Tennesse Street

• Continue on loop connector onto eastbound Tennessee St.

• Right onto Humboldt St.

• From Humboldt St. enter eastbound I-80

• Take Redwood Parkway exit on I-80

• From WB Redwood Parkway take a right onto NB Admiral Callaghan Lane

• Left onto WB Columbus

• Parkway/Auto Mall Parkway

• Take the onramp for WB I-80

• Exit at Redwood St. A 24-hr shuttle service will be available for pedestrian­s and bicyclists who need to safely circumnavi­gate the Redwood Street. overcross. One shuttle stop will be located on each side of the bridge.

For more informatio­n on the I-80 6 Bridges Project visit i80sixbrid­gesvallejo. com.

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