Times-Herald (Vallejo)

Thanks, Mr. Mayor


You may not agree with all of Vallejo Mayor Robert McConnell's policies or everything that he says. However, I think he is due an immense amount of gratitude for even running for the position of mayor. He only ran because Bob Sampayan bowed out of the election at the last minute, and it became obvious that Hakeem Brown had a clear path to becoming our next mayor. Robert could see how disastrous that would be for our city.

After the absolutely, inexcusabl­e behavior of Hakeem at the recent council meeting, can you imagine what it would be like if he had become our mayor!? Robert knew what he was getting himself into and ran anyway because of his sense of civic responsibi­lity and desire for the well-being of the Vallejo community.

That does not mean that you should acquiesce to every policy he puts forth. He does not expect or demand that. What I think he does deserve, though, is our respect and support for the civility he attempts to bring to the council meetings in the face of the disruptive and outlandish behavior from some. It's an almost impossible task and one, I'm sure, that causes him many sleepless nights.

Thank you, Robert McConnell.

— Tom Ovens/Vallejo

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