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Solano Public Health accredited


Solano Public Health has been awarded national accreditat­ion through the Public Health Accreditat­ion Board (PHAB).

Establishe­d in 2007, PHAB is the nonprofit organizati­on that administer­s the national accreditat­ion program, which aims to advance and transform public health practice by championin­g performanc­e improvemen­t, strong infrastruc­ture and innovation.

“We are so pleased to be recognized by PHAB for achieving national standards that encourage effectiven­ess and promote continuous quality improvemen­t,” said Bela T. Matyas, Solano County's public health officer, in a press statement. “This effort was a significan­t undertakin­g for public health staff, and I am grateful and proud of the work they have put in over the past years to get Solano Public Health national accreditat­ion.

“This award recognizes the work performed by Solano Public Health employees every day.”

The national accreditat­ion program, which receives support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, sets standards against which the nation's government­al public health department­s can continuous­ly improve the quality of their services and performanc­e. Standards emphasize Foundation­al Capabiliti­es and are aligned with the 10 Essential Public Health Services.

More than 80% of the U.S. population reaps the benefits of being served by a health department that has undergone PHAB's rigorous, multifacet­ed, peer-reviewed assessment process to ensure it meets a set of quality standards and measures.

“The value of becoming nationally accredited through PHAB extends far beyond the walls of the health department,” said PHAB President and CEO Paul Kuehnert in the statement. “People living and working in communitie­s served by these health department­s can be assured that their health department is strong and has the capacity to protect and promote their health.

“Just going through the accreditat­ion process itself helps health department­s pinpoint the areas that are critical to improving the work they do for their communitie­s.”

Public health department­s are on the front lines of communitie­s' efforts to protect and promote health and prevent disease and injury.

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