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NAACP head Woman of the Year


Nikila Gibson, a Solano County Black business advocate and president of the Tri-City NAACP, has been a champion of social equity and racial justice while promoting holistic child developmen­t and environmen­tal sustainabi­lity.

For her many community contributi­ons, she has been named Solano County Woman of the Year by Sen. Bill Dodd, D-Solano.

“Clearly, Black entreprene­urship is essential to Solano County, and Nikila has been instrument­al in making it happen,” said Dodd in a press statement. “At the same time, she's advanced social equity, child-centered programs and sustainabl­e business practices that will protect our region for generation­s to come. It's a remarkable achievemen­t and I am happy to recognize Nikila for her leadership and success.”

Gibson thanked Dodd for the recognitio­n.

“In order to create a more equitable and just world for all, we must recognize that environmen­tal justice, social equity and justice, and child-centered advocacy are all interrelat­ed and must be addressed together in a holistic manner,” she said in the statement. “As a passionate advocate for this cause, I have actively engaged in speaking publicly, building coalitions, empowering the community through awareness, and engaging with policymake­rs to promote meaningful change. I would like to express my gratitude to Sen. Dodd for his recognitio­n of this essential work.”

Gibson, a lifelong Fairfield resident and mother of four daughters, is a self-described serial entreprene­ur. About a decade ago, she launched her first business, a child-developmen­t advocacy group promoting “whole-child” learning.

In 2017, she opened Lave Wash, a sustainabl­e laundry delivery service featuring toxin-free and non-polluting products.

She has also served as a Black business advocate and consultant, helping people build and strategize new businesses. She served as economic developmen­t director of the Tri-City NAACP before being named the organizati­on's president in January.

Gibson speaks frequently on racial and social equity and environmen­tal justice issues, including a need for access to healthy foods and more green spaces for communitie­s of color.

Other volunteer roles have included the Solano Resource Conservati­on District, Black Chamber of Commerce and FairfieldS­uisun Chamber of Commerce. She played a key role in community events such as the second annual Vacaville Black history celebratio­n, Suisun City's first Juneteenth celebratio­n and as an environmen­tal justice panelist at the California/Hawaii NAACP 35th annual state convention.

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