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Caltrans awards $225 million for local roadway safety


Caltrans announced Thursday that it is awarding more than $225 million for local projects designed to reduce traffic deaths and serious injuries on city and county roads.

Funding is provided through the Federal Highway Safety Improvemen­t Program (HSIP).

“Safety is always Caltrans' top priority,” said Caltrans Director Tony Tavares in a news release. “These projects will enhance systemwide safety features, including enhancing safety for people who walk and bike, and move us closer to our vision of reaching zero fatalities and serious injuries on roadways throughout the state by 2050.”

A total of 282 projects from 155 local agencies will receive HSIP funds for safety enhancemen­ts that include pedestrian crossings, bike safety improvemen­ts and new traffic signals, roundabout­s, turn lanes, rumble strips and guardrails. Caltrans awards these grants every other year to cities, counties and tribal government­s.

“True equity on our roads means creating safe spaces for all, where pedestrian­s and cyclists are valued and protected with the same care and attention as motorists, said Caltrans District 4 Director Dina ElTawansy in the same news release. “This critical funding for safety will bring us closer to achieving a sustainabl­e and equitable transporta­tion system for all California­ns.”

Projects approved in District 4, Bay Area included some in Solano County such as:

• $249,930for a pedestrian safety improvemen­t project in city of Vallejo.

• $1.6M for all city-owned signalized intersecti­ons in the city of Fairfield. The project will standardiz­e signal heads to be 12 feet and have reflective backplates citywide. Relevant locations will also have advance intersecti­on warning signs with flashing beacons, and larger intersecti­ons will get cat tracks as needed.

• $1.6M in guardrail and pavement friction improvemen­ts in the county.

• $1.5M for lighting, pavement friction and sight distance improvemen­ts at intersecti­ons in the county.

• $1M for signal improvemen­ts throughout the county.

• $447,570 for unsignaliz­ed intersecti­on visibility and safety improvemen­ts in the city of Fairfield.

• $375,390 for intersecti­on median safety improvemen­ts in the city of Suisun.

• $249,600 bicycle lane implementa­tion in the city of Fairfield.

• $249,210for bike facility upgrades in the city of Rio Vista.

• $248,094 for pedestrian crossings in the city of Fairfield.

• $247,230 for pedestrian crossing enhancemen­ts in the city of Vacaville.

• $245,610 to remove and replace edge-lines for the city of Vacaville.

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