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Mark 5: 25-34 talks about a woman who was truly unusual, like many of us. She was de­ter­mined to find a cure for her al­i­ment. Although it had been 12 years, she had not stopped try­ing. She went to many doc­tors and suf­fered a lot as a re­sult of the treat­ment she re­ceived. She spent ev­ery­thing she had on those treat­ments and vis­its to the doc­tor. Noth­ing per­ma­nently stopped her is­sue.

It is hard to find some­one of such de­ter­mi­na­tion. Most peo­ple af­ter all that would just ac­cept the con­di­tion and say it is in­cur­able. She didn’t have the pain medicine like we have to­day, but she was still de­ter­mined she was go­ing to be healed.

Her per­sis­tence in­di­cates she was an unusual per­son. She was open to hope af­ter 12 long years of fail­ure. Af­ter ex­pe­ri­enc­ing fail­ure time af­ter time, it’s very easy to give up.

She was not a pes­simist, with no de­sire. She heard about Je­sus’ mir­a­cles and was im­pressed by the re­ports and de­cided to give him a try. I’m sure she heard this plenty of times be­fore when she spent all her money be­cause “this was the doc­tor with the cure.” She went on what she heard and de­cided to find Je­sus.

This was not an easy thing to do, since Je­sus moved from place to place. She had no money, but she had hope. She knew there was a mul­ti­tude wait­ing for him, but she was still de­ter­mined.

She was unusual be­cause she was bold. She was con­fi­dent that if she touched Je­sus she would be OK. She be­lieved a touch would work, not a treat­ment. She didn’t say neg­a­tive things, but she stayed pos­i­tive and hope­ful that like so many oth­ers, when she touched the sav­ior she would also be made whole.

She used her faith to touch Je­sus. As a re­sult, she was healed in­stantly. She felt the heal­ing take place in her body when she touched him.

Je­sus also felt that some­one had touched him. He asked who touched him. The woman had no choice but to tell the truth. Je­sus’ re­sponse was, “Go in peace; your faith has healed you.”

Those were the most com­fort­ing words the woman had heard in a long time. She wanted help, she ex­pected help and she re­ceived help.

The phys­i­cal act of touch­ing Je­sus was the same for ev­ery­one in the crowd. The power was present in Je­sus when ev­ery­one touched him. The dif­fer­ence in the re­sult was the dif­fer­ence in the peo­ple.

The same ap­plies to­day. Some study the word of God and are changed; some read the word, and noth­ing hap­pens. Some pray and are strength­ened; some pray and are not helped. Some wor­ship and are closer to God; some wor­ship and are un­moved.

All of the pro­cesses here are the same. The power of God is there. The con­cern is, do you have faith and con­fi­dence in what you are do­ing and in who you be­lieve?

The power of God will not ben­e­fit you un­less you have con­fi­dence in the Lord’s power. Je­sus at times healed peo­ple who did not know who he was, so his mir­a­cles are not con­fined to just be­liev­ers. It’s your faith that will al­low the power of God to work in you.

On oc­ca­sion, Je­sus blessed the un­know­ing, but he never blessed the faith­less. If you ask him to help you, you must be­lieve in him. There is no ques­tion that Je­sus can help us in ways he has promised. The power is there. The ques­tion is, do we have the con­fi­dence to let Je­sus help us?

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