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Who will be grading the county’s bookkeepin­g?

Supervisor­s appoint community members to audit advisory committee

- By Isabella Vanderheid­en ivanderhei­den@times-standard.com

The Humboldt County Board of Supervisor­s selected three community members to serve on the newly formed eight-person audit advisory committee on Tuesday.

The committee will work with the Humboldt County Auditor-Controller’s Office to objectivel­y assess the county’s financial reporting process.

The call for an audit committee came after months of back-andforth talk between supervisor­s, the county administra­tive office and the auditor-controller’s office regarding delays in payments, transfers, and reconcilia­tions of accounts.

Auditor-Controller Karen Paz Dominguez, Administra­tive Officer Amy Nilsen and TreasurerT­ax Collector John Bartholome­w will serve on the committee as non-voting members.

Representi­ng the board, chair 4th District Supervisor Virginia Bass and vicechair 3rd District Supervisor Mike Wilson will join two qualified citizens and a school/special district representa­tive.

The board selected Corey Weber, assistant superinten­dent of business services at the Humboldt County Office of Education, to serve as the committee’s school representa­tive. Former interim auditor-controller Cheryl Dillingham and county employee Mychal Evenson were selected to serve as community representa­tives.

Weber and Fortuna Union High School District superinten­dent Glen Senestraro were both selected as potential school district representa­tives but Senestraro recommende­d Weber serve on the committee.

“Corey would be a very good choice for you guys,” Senestraro said. “He represents all districts in Humboldt County where I work with the Fortuna Union High School District as well as our Eel River Valley superinten­dents and districts. He would have more of a depth of knowledge on what goes in school districts for Humboldt County.”

Before voting, 1st District Supervisor Rex Bohn thanked Senestraro for “stepping up and graciously recognizin­g Corey’s talents” and knowledge of district operations throughout the county. Second District Supervisor Michelle Bushnell thanked Senestraro as well.

Before hearing from potential community representa­tives, the board voted 5-0 to appoint Weber to the audit committee.

Speaking to the board, Mychal Evenson — who had expressed his enthusiast­ic support for an audit committee during the board’s March 16 meeting — said he had worked for the county for four years, first in the sheriff’s office and later in the auditorcon­troller’s office.

“I’ve worked under both Paz Dominguez and former interim auditor Cheryl Dillingham,” Evenson said. “… Really what I bring in with me is an innovation mindset, something around new processes and procedures to develop stronger internal controls without sacrificin­g the efficiency of operations.”

In addition to having served as interim auditorcon­troller, Dillingham said she has worked in various county department­s for more than 30 years.

“I feel like my experience working in the auditor’s office and other county department­s provide me with good background and knowledge to help with the stewardshi­p of public resources and developmen­t of plans to address fiscal oversight in the county,” she said. “I appreciate this opportunit­y to give back to the county for my 30 years of service working there and to support the auditor’s office and county department­s.”

The third person up for considerat­ion John Frahm, North Coast director of the United Food & Commercial Workers, was not in attendance.

Bohn made a motion to appoint Dillingham and Evenson to the audit committee. Third District Supervisor Mike Wilson seconded. The motion passed 5-0. Nilsen said the board will meet four times a year and said the first meeting “will hopefully be around the upcoming audit for fiscal year 2019/2020.”

 ?? TIMES-STANDARD FILE ?? The Humboldt County Board of Supervisor­s appointed three community members to serve on the newly formed audit advisory committee Tuesday.
TIMES-STANDARD FILE The Humboldt County Board of Supervisor­s appointed three community members to serve on the newly formed audit advisory committee Tuesday.

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