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The New York Times The New York Times Crossword

No. 0106

- Edited by Will Shortz


1 Remark made after catching someone by surprise

10 Alt-rock band with the 2001 hit album “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot”

15 Indoor swimming pools

16 What might roll in the leaves

17 Pet dogs and cats, affectiona­tely

18 Surge protector?

19 Great work

20 Embroiled (in)

22 Stage that you might enter at night

23 Broadband letters

25 Gangs

27 With 39-Across, answer to the question “Who’s the solver of this puzzle?”

28 Bird: Prefix

30 Pro with extensions, in brief

31 Big ticket item?

35 Leading disability rights activist in the 2020 documentar­y “Crip Camp”

36 Valuable collection

37 Black ___

38 “Get out of here!”

39 See 27-Across

40 “Get me?,” informally

43 Guileful

44 “Love Island” airer

47 Item in Yo-Yo Ma’s right hand

50 Sound of suffering … or pleasure

51 Whiff

52 Where the cattle drive in the western epic “Lonesome Dove” begins

55 Considerat­ion when doubling a recipe, perhaps

56 “Don’t worry about me”

57 Like Alaska on a U.S. map, often

58 Quite a sight


1 Going to get

2 Khaki alternativ­e

3 Use a pick, perhaps

4 Punches

5 ___ Pippig, three-time winner of the Boston Marathon

6 Word with sister or story

7 Ride with a third wheel

8 Outward attitude

9 Bed of roses, so to speak

10 Character who’s striped and spotted?

22 Causes of some brain freezes

12 Hot take?

13 Breakfast skillet

14 What a pointer finger can represent

21 Labor relief, perhaps

23 Port ___, capital of Mauritius

24 John of “The Big Lebowski”

26 Squelched, with “on”

27 His dying words were “There is another … Skywalker …”

28 Ghostlike, in a way

29 ___ Thanh Nguyen, Pulitzer-winning author of “The Sympathize­r”

31 Aids for stage crews

32 Via, informally

33 University in Georgia

34 Hold on to

35 Arcade game character with a propeller beanie

36 Word with store or Story

41 ___ Greenwich, co-writer of “Do Wah Diddy Diddy” and “Da Doo Ron Ron”

42 Dispense

43 Muscly, in modern lingo

44 Popular talk show of the 2010s

45 Achievemen­t indicator

S46 how of contempt

48 Eponymous region of northern France

49 Slick

50 Thick locks

51 Title for a guru

53 Inits. on some food cans

54 Knock

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