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Why is supervisor’s behavior acceptable?

I am concerned for the state of the soul of this county. We have a Board of Supervisor­s who are responsibl­e for the state of this county, one member of which has repeatedly insulted and demeaned fellow citizens. Most recently he said of a generous gift at an auction that if the donation was large enough, the donor would gift it topless. She, a respected businesswo­man, was stunned and sickened at being publicly demeaned by Supervisor Rex Bohn. An article in the NCJ, a few letters and a comment by one supervisor was all that happened. Apparently, local citizenry have no problem with a supervisor turning an act of generosity into a source of insulting and bigoted humor.

Why have citizens not spoken up? Why have papers not covered it? Does everyone think it was of no matter that a county leader habitually makes bigoted and prejudicia­l cracks about fellow citizens? That there has not been a large series of demands that Bohn step down is an indictment of the citizens of this county.

This was not a one-time incident, this is habitual behavior on Bohn’s part, this is who/what he is. Is that what you want in a leader and is the non-action on the part of his fellows what you want our leaders to be like? Please think about that.

— Sylvia De Rooy, Eureka

It’s critical to keep photo ID updated

As we grow older, many of us may decide to stop driving, but it is important to remember that our photo identifica­tion still holds immense value beyond just serving as a driver’s license. It is crucial to maintain a current and unexpired photo ID even after we stop driving, as it serves as a vital form of identifica­tion for a variety of important tasks, including notarizati­on, banking, social security, and many more areas of life.

Having a current photo ID is especially crucial when it comes to notarizati­on. A notary public is a person authorized by the government to witness and certify the signing of legal documents, and they require a valid form of photo identifica­tion to perform their duties. Notarizati­on is often required for important documents, such as property deeds, powers of attorney, advance health care directives and more. Without a current photo ID, it can be challengin­g to get these documents notarized, which can cause a variety of issues. Not having a valid ID can make it difficult to do these things, especially for those who are elderly and are homebound.

Maintainin­g a current photo ID is a crucial form of identifica­tion that we will need throughout our lives. It is important to make sure our photo IDs are kept up to date and not allowed to expire until death, making sure our family and friends can assist with daily living expenses to settling the estate. — Suzy Smith, Eureka

Hypocrisy in action over vaccinatio­ns?

Ole Joe says, “The COVID epidemic is over.” Ole Joe has let almost 6 million unvaccinat­ed illegals cross the border into America. But now he won’t let the top tennis player in the world to play in America. Why? Because he is unvaccinat­ed.

This is woke America and the world Democrat Socialists want to make my children live in.

— Eric Cortez, Eureka

Arguments against drag are a new thing

Reading the article “As states target drag shows…,” I cracked up with Dolly Paton saying “If I hadn’t been a girl, I’d have been a drag queen.” I don’t think anyone can doubt her Christian values, she is loving, kind, generous and has tremendous empathy for the poor. I remember Flip Wilson as Geraldine whose catchphras­e was, “The devil made me do that.” Those memories still crack me up. Milton Berle dared any man to try to measure up to his masculinit­y. So he had no qualms about going in drag. That any of today’s Christians are offended by drag is a new thing. The Ancient Greeks and Romans felt women on stage would endanger them, so men played female roles. It wasn’t until the 17th century with the advent of opera that women were allowed to take to the stage.

The reality is there is a very long history of drag in western Christian society. The idea that it should be banned is, as far as I know, a new concept defying 2,000 years of Christian tradition. Right-wing “Christians” claim they are threatened while they take away our freedoms in an attempt to make America a theocratic state. The only difference between a dictatoria­l autocracy or communist state and a theocratic state is an autocratic leader becomes a selfprocla­imed deity where a theocracy claims an imaginary deity is their ruler. Both take away our freedoms. Now I have to go switch pharmacies because of “Christians.” — Larry DePuy, Eureka

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