Times Standard (Eureka)

The New York Times Crossword

No. 0201

- Edited by Will Shortz


1 Jiggly dessert

6 Reclining hero pose, for one

11 Film special f/x

14 Sci-fi vessel

17 She/___ pronouns

18 Like a government led by thieving politician­s

19 Comic strip cry

20 Platte River people

21 Diesel found in street racers?

22 Costco unit

23 Ingredient in a hurricane

26 Cute, cutely

28 Held in suspense

29 Peak whose name means “the high one”

31 Some footwear fasteners

34 Adult insect stage

35 Sci-fi vessel

38 Fig Newtons manufactur­er

40 Primeval

41 Science fiction vessel

44 East Coast Amtrak service with the fastest trains in the Americas

45 Some cheerful folks

46 Heavy-handed sorts

47 Instrument with a pedal

49 Part of an IV or an old TV

51 Denver winter hrs.

52 Site of a terrible fall?

53 Org. in “The X-Files”

55 On the ___

57 Helmed

58 Sci-fi energy rays that might suck up earthly bodies, as depicted three times in this puzzle

64 Chum

65 Performer who might step on some toes?

66 On the ___

67 Knight’s mount

68 Gumbos, e.g.


1 Airport Alternativ­e to Newark Liberty

2 Building Wing

3 Strong Cleaner

4 Sass

5 Not flummoxed by

6 Longest river entirely in Switzerlan­d

7 Most urbane

8 When Warp” “Time is sung in the Rocky musical Horror “The Show”

9 German veto

10 Path of a comet

11 Crib notes

12 Gaggle components

13 Cross 15 2018 John Travolta flop

16 Trash hauler [Moooooooo!]

22 Chili pepper or bell pepper, scientific­ally

23 Update, as a site layout

24 Without shame

25 1976 hit by Heart [Heeeeelp!]

27 W.W. II war zone, in brief

28 Place for a drink while traveling [Hooooonk!]

29 Loud, unpleasant noises 30 Fly off the handle

32 “Well, ___ escalated quickly!”

33 Stimpy’s chum of toondom

35 Seconds or thirds

36 Quiet spot to moor a boat

37 Grps. organizing book sales, maybe

39 Half of D

42 One of seven in the Constituti­on

43 Tallahasse­e sch.

46 Feature on either brother of Smith Bros. cough drops

47 Lends a hand

48 Unbeatable

50 Result of a leaky pen, perhaps

53 Chi Psi, e.g., informally

54 It’s bound to be eaten by livestock

56 Major corp. hirees

58 Atlanta-based network

59 ___ Allen, host of “Chopped” on the Food Network 60 Tolkien’s Leaflock, for one

61 One of a pair of “bullets,” in poker

62 Pokémon with a catlike appearance

63 One section of a H.S. yearbook

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