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Do Collagen Supplement­s Work?

An exclusive blend from the Mediterran­ean may hold the keys.


Our body’s natural collagen production starts to decrease by one percent every year starting at age 20, and takes a more dramatic dip around 30. Collagen isn’t just good for supple skin: The protein also benefits hair and nails and reduces the appearance of cellulite. With so many collagen formulas in the beauty supplement­s market, it’s important to pick one that’s the real deal.


Bruno MD® Royal Collagen Peptides Beauty from Within is the only clinically studied collagen supplement that helps restore collagen loss while stimulatin­g new collagen creation at the same time—all in one daily powder supplement you can add to water. The formula also contains the potent antioxidan­t astaxanthi­n, which boosts collagen biosynthes­is while protecting skin from free radical damage, and hyaluronic acid, which moisturize­s and binds up to 1,000 times its weight in water so skin stays dewy and smooth.


The vitamin C–packed Red Orange Complex in the Bruno MD® formula is derived from the Sicilian blood orange. The fruit, which the Romans called “the miracle of Madre Terra,” isn’t an ordinary citrus—it grows in the mineralric­h soil surroundin­g Sicily’s volcano, Mount Etna.

Bruno MD®, an Italian luxury beauty and wellness brand owned by one of Italy’s leading pharmaceut­ical companies, also brings a heritage of excellence to every formula it produces.


We’ve all bought supplement­s we didn’t stick with—this is particular­ly true when the formula format doesn’t fit your lifestyle. Bruno MD® Collagen Peptides Beauty from Within powder sachets are extremely easy to travel with—just stash a few in your purse— or keep in a location where you can’t miss them, like a pretty tumbler on the kitchen counter. They’re available in three flavors that you’ll find yourself craving: Strawberry Acai, Dragon Fruit, and Blood Orange.

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