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Beware the nostalgia vampires.


Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be. Unlike sentimenta­lists of yore, and their timid mining of old veins, today’s top cultural producers are sucking the life out of the future by superfrack­ing the past with a passion that would make Dracula blanch. Pop stars, from Elton John to Taylor Swift, are gleefully making hay of their old hits (and, in the case of Tay Tay, of her exes). Prada’s Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons are updating the label’s golden oldies (as goes Prada, so goes fashion!). Agenda-setting art and design fairs and auctions resemble decade-o-phile clearance sales. And TikTok influencer­s are yearning for everything from Boney M. to ’90s flip phones. Are you guilty of it too? Take this quiz to find out. How’s this for analog: The answers can be found on page 61.


Which feud for the ages is Netflix Nosferatu Ryan Murphy tackling next?

□ Vogue’s Anna Wintour vs. Harper’s Bazaar’s Liz Tilberis

□ Silver screen sirens Marlene

Dietrich vs. Greta Garbo

□ Literary lionesses Mary McCarthy vs. Lillian Hellman

□ Skimpy shorts–wearing champions John McEnroe vs. Bjorn Borg


Balthazar is once again Manhattan’s brasserie du jour. Which of the following inspired Francophil­e owner Keith McNally’s vision for the place?

□ A five-day absinthe-fueled bender

□ Chez Michou, the Montmartre drag cabaret in La Cage aux Folles

□ A photo of an Edwardian bar he found at a Paris flea market

□ A mime he met on the Left Bank


Everyone’s taking a trip down memoir-y lane these days, but Barbara Amiel’s tell-all Friends and Enemies was the most public literary social mass-murder-suicide since…

□ Arnold Scaasi revealed that Barbara Bush had only eight toes in Women I Have Dressed (and Undressed!).

□ Julia Phillips dished dirt on Spielberg and Scorsese, among others, in You’ll Never Eat Lunch in This Town Again.

□ Truman Capote betrayed his La Côte Basque gal pals in Answered Prayers.

□ Gore Vidal trash-talked Jackie Kennedy and Anaïs Nin in Palimpsest.


Chic, amphetamin­e-buzzed ’70s furniture is being reissued like so much vinyl from the era. Which superannua­ted line has yet to have another moment in the sun?

□ Mario Bellini’s Camaleonda sofa

□ Ligne Roset’s Togo armchair

□ Gianfranco Frattini’s Sesann lounger

□ Masanori Umeda for Memphis’s conversati­on pit (famously owned by Karl Lagerfeld)


Which erstwhile dance craze was featured in a Bad Bunny video?

□ The Macarena

□ The Nae-Nae

□ The Charleston

□ The Elaine


If Halloween Kills, the umpteenth iteration of the Halloween franchise, hasn’t killed off the genre, which classic slasher film is being revisited in 2022?

□ Child’s Play

□ The House on Sorority Row

□ Candyman

□ Halloween. Again.

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