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6 Choco­late pis­toles come in all grades of choco­late. Use for melt­ing, snack­ing, and bak­ing. Easy to mea­sure and weigh, they don’t leave a messy cut­ting board. 7 Bit­ter­sweet and semisweet choco­late are in­tensely fla­vored. Bit­ter­sweet has at least 64 per­cent ca­cao. Use for mousses and ganaches, or to “bump up” the choco­late fla­vor in other recipes.

8 Milk choco­late is best for coat­ing or for choco­late sauce be­cause of its high per­cent­age of co­coa but­ter and sugar—and smooth melta­bil­ity.

9 White choco­late has a high per­cent­age of co­coa but­ter but no ca­cao, giv­ing it a creamy tex­ture and silky taste. Melted, it makes a tasty dec­o­ra­tive ic­ing for cook­ies.

10 Co­coa pow­der in its nat­u­ral state de­liv­ers a more in­tense fla­vor to cake and cookie bat­ters. It also makes the best mug of hot choco­late! Look for great bak­ing choco­lates by Calle­baut or Scharf­fen Berger.

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