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- Jill Waage, Editor in Chief traditiona­


female icons are a big part of the design industry, past and present. In recognitio­n, we at Traditiona­l Home have put together a Women in Design-themed issue to celebrate these creative geniuses of all sorts— makers, designers, business boss ladies.

This tip of the hat dovetails with an initiative by our parent company, Meredith Corporatio­n. It is the first publisher to partner with the Associatio­n of National Advertiser­s in a commitment to show the true face of American women. Called #SeeHer, this movement’s goal is to accurately portray all women and girls in media so they see themselves reflected as they truly are. The Gender Equality Measure (GEM) will quantify consumer reaction to the portrayal of women in advertisin­g and programmin­g.

Ladies, we most certainly do see you. My goal in this issue is to lift up some of design’s wonder women—to direct your attention to their vision, their accomplish­ments, their handmade goods, and their intelligen­ce and wit.

You’ll meet Malene Barnett, a ceramicist who last year cofounded the Black Artists + Designers Guild. Women take over our Eye-Catchers section, chock-full of home goods by both establishe­d and emerging artists. You’ll learn about Belwith-Keeler, a 126-year-old hardware company reinvigora­ted by a female trend manager. Attend a surf-and-turf dinner hosted by the millennial mavens from Pulp Design Studios. Swoon over a Provençal kitchen envisioned by a female kitchen designer. Plan for a fall getaway at Field + Supply, an A-list modern crafts fair in New York’s Hudson River Valley. No shortage of female makers there! Additional­ly, three houses in our feature well were designed by women. I’ll highlight one in particular, “Art & Soul,” page 90, the home of Jean Liu’s family. Jean not only designed her Dallas home with aplomb, she’s also the boss of two outdoor furniture companies—one a family business and the second of her own founding. In our Hampton Designer Showhouse, page 65, savvy ladies—as well as gents we adore—created rooms layered with endless ease, breeze, and inspiratio­n. Finally, check out words of wisdom on home and womanhood from award-winning actress Catherine Zeta-Jones on our closing “I Am Traditiona­l” page.

It’s undeniable that women make the home happen. My mother and many of her Greatest Generation peers proudly identified themselves as homemakers. She had the gifts to make us—and our home—feel good. And so do we current-day home makers. In our varied callings, ages, cultures, and career pathways, we carve out space for other talented women and girls to see opportunit­y in creative fields and businesses. If we support them, we’re Powering the Possible. What better theme to get behind?

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