Main­tain Your Lo­cal Trails


“Know Your Trail-Use Im­pact” ( Save the Trails, May ’16), by Denise Y. O’Meara, points out a very real prob­lem. Lots of peo­ple use trails, but very few are will­ing to give the time and ef­fort to re­pair and main­tain them.

Sev­eral eques­trian groups here along Colorado’s Front Range spend thou­sands of hours each year do­ing trail re­pair and main­te­nance. The need in­creased af­ter the his­toric flood­ing of 2013.

Our group, North­ern Colorado Back Coun­try Horse­men of Amer­ica, has adopted two trails in the Co­manche Peaks Wilder­ness. We con­duct work week­ends and reach out to noneques­trian groups to ed­u­cate them, and forge pos­i­tive in­ter­ac­tions on and off the trail. Jay McDon­ald Nunn, Colorado

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