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It’s a good idea to pro­vide your horse with low-dust hay in the trailer, whether you’re go­ing on a short or long jour­ney. That quick trip to the vet­eri­nary clinic can un­ex­pect­edly turn into a longer time away from home if you ex­pe­ri­ence a break­down.

Free-feed­ing hay will help keep your horse calm in the trailer and will keep his di­ges­tive tract mov­ing, which will help pre­vent colic.

How­ever, if you put hay into a hay net, be sure you don’t over­stuff the bag. Al­low enough room be­hind the net so your horse can move his nose, so his nose isn’t pushed into the bag. And make sure the bag is high enough so that he won’t get a hoof tan­gled in it. Fi­nally, tie your horse so that he can put his head down to re­move any hay dust and de­bris from his lungs, but again, not with so much slack that he could catch a hoof. — Julie Good­night; JulieGood­

Make sure your hay bag doesn’t take up too much room — and cause your horse to be un­com­fort­able dur­ing a long ride.

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