Cat­tle Ranch Terms

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Brand. Own­er­ship mark on cat­tle. Bull. An in­tact male bovine. Cow. A fe­male bovine. This term is also a

generic term for cat­tle. Calf. A baby bovine. Ranch­ers usu­ally plan for their calves to be born in the spring. Cut. A group of cat­tle sep­a­rated from

their herd. Do­gie. An or­phaned calf. This term is of

ten used in Texas. Drive. A method of round­ing up cat­tle by scat­ter­ing cow­boys and mov­ing cat­tle to one place. Ear­mark. Method of mark­ing cat­tle by

at­tach­ing tags to their ears. Heifer. Young fe­male cow. Leppy. An or­phaned calf. Mav­er­icks. Wild cat­tle that have never

been branded or gath­ered. Rem­nants. Cat­tle not gath­ered on the first roundup that re­main on the open range. Roundup. The spring and fall roundup of cat­tle on the range to brand, ear­mark, wean, sort for own­er­ship, and cut those cho­sen to ship to mar­ket. Steer. A cas­trated male bovine. Stray. An an­i­mal that has strayed away from its owner or the range where it be­longs.

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