In-Trailer First-Aid Kit

When you trailer your horse, even for a short dis­tance, it’s im­por­tant to pre­pare for a po­ten­tial emer­gency. The following items as­sem­bled into a fist-aid kit will help you han­dle most sit­u­a­tions. Dis­cuss this list with your vet­eri­nar­ian; he or she may h

Trail Rider - - TRAIL - RIDING RESOURCES - — Neva Kit­trell Scheve & James Hamilton, DVM

Be­ta­dine an­tisep­tic soap Hy­dro­gen per­ox­ide Nitro­furo­zone or triplean­tibi­otic dress­ing Furox an­tibac­te­rial spray pow­der Oph­thalmic oint­ment/saline eye wash (without cor­ti­sone or steroids) 2 rolls of cot­ton 4 rolls of gauze (4- or 6-inch) Gauze squares Clean stand­ing ban­dages (2 quilt or fleece with outer wraps) Ad­he­sive tape Elastikon sticky roll ban­dage Ve­trap or Co-Flex co­he­sive flex­i­ble ban­dage 24-inch length of 6-inch PVC pipe split in half for splint­ing; make sure it fits your horse’s legs Bu­ta­zo­lidin paste Banamine gran­ules or paste Equine ther­mome­ter Stetho­scope Mos­quito for­ceps Scis­sors Twitch Bucket Wa­ter (10 gal­lons or more)

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