Why I Use Ben­e­fi­cial In­sects

For My Fly Con­trol

Trail Rider - - THE TRAILMEISTER’S TOP TRAILS - By Sheri R. Her­rera de Frey

You have prob­a­bly seen my face on our Fly Elim­i­na­tors ads. Since 1979, we have been mass rear­ing the fly par­a­sites we call Fly Elim­i­na­tors in our in­sec­tary. I’m a horse lover and have been for­tu­nate to have kept a cou­ple of horses on our prop­erty over the years. We all know what a nui­sance flies are to horses and their guardians. They can trans­mit dis­eases, cause ir­ri­ta­tion and sores. My so­lu­tion at home is to use our Fly Elim­i­na­tors for bi­o­log­i­cal con­trol of flies.

Ev­ery 3-4 weeks I take a bag of hatch­ing Fly Elim­i­na­tors out to where we keep our horses. We have cov­ered stalls and open turnout ar­eas. I open the bag and be­gin to sprin­kle the tiny Fly Elim­i­na­tors and con­tents of the bag on “hot spot” ar­eas where our horses place their drop­pings, fa­vorite uri­na­tion spots and other places where ma­nure may ac­cu­mu­late such as fence posts, cor­ners of stalls and ma­nure piles. I dig a lit­tle hole with the heel of my shoe or a spade, add the Fly Elim­i­na­tors and cover with ma­nure, dirt or bed­ding. The Fly Elim­i­na­tors do the rest!

Here’s how they work. Fe­male Fly Elim­i­na­tors bur­row into the ground and find their host, fly pu­pae (co­coons). They lay their eggs in­side the pu­pae and as the eggs de­velop into lar­vae they feed on the de­vel­op­ing fe­tal fly pre­empt­ing the fly from be­com­ing an an­noy­ing, ob­nox­ious adult fly. Fly Elim­i­na­tors are af­ford­able too. A ½ unit of Fly Elim­i­na­tors, enough to treat 2-5 horses in­clud­ing USPS ship­ping costs only $18.95*. Fly Elim­i­na­tors should be used con­tin­u­ously through­out the en­tire fly sea­son.

It’s so easy to have the fly con­trol you want with Fly Elim­i­na­tors. Re­sults are truly amaz­ing and the ben­e­fits to our four legged friends and other loved ones are nu­mer­ous. Best of all, Fly Elim­i­na­tors are non-syn­thetic and nat­u­ral! Trust me, your horses will love you when you use Fly Elim­i­na­tors!

Sheri R. Her­rera de Frey, Vi­cePres­i­dent,ARBICOOr­gan­ics

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