Transworld Snowboarding - - FRAMED // WORDS OWEN RINGWALL - FRAMED // WORDS TAY­LOR BOYD Méri­bel, France Photo: Andy Wright // DC TRANSITORS

No mat­ter how much we plan, sce­nar­ios rarely go as such. We land where we land. Whether we match the tran­si­tion, what­ever it may be, is what’s im­por­tant. Here we see Iikka Backstrom with a rogue pop­per into some vari­abil­ity. He might touch down in a per­fect pocket or some­where less for­tu­nate. Iikka’s good and so too is his chance of rid­ing away re­gard­less, but we all tom­a­hawk, and with each rag­doll comes a bet­ter un­der­stand­ing of how to stay on our feet and in­creased mo­ti­va­tion to do so. Noth­ing’s per­fect, but prac­tice makes it so we can power through the im­per­fec­tions with­out a plan.

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