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Transworld Snowboarding - - MEN’S ALL MOUNTAIN -

Not new to the list, this cam­ber­dom­i­nant board with rocker in the tip and tail was once again a fa­vorite. Its slightly di­rec­tional pro­file pro­vided enough set­back for easy float, while the Un­derBite out­line, which fea­tures edges that pro­trude from un­der the bind­ings for bet­ter con­trol, com­bined with a bam­boo-stringer core and sin­tered base, cre­ated a per­fect con­coc­tion for pow­er­ful, all­moun­tain rip­ping. A healthy mix of drive com­bined with an over­all easy­go­ing na­ture was wel­comed by a range of rid­ers. “It was easy to spin, and I ap­pre­ci­ated the tor­sional flex of it—it was quick edge to edge,” men­tioned one ex­pe­ri­enced tester.

Lengths: 146, 149, 152, 155

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